Do you have smart solutions that can transform food security initiatives in the Lake Region Counties? Are you a team player? The ITIC – 2018 offers you the opportunity to join other young gigs to drive the technologies and innovations towards agribusiness and food security.

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You are eligibile if you:-

  • Are an individuals of 18 years and above
  • Are a resident in the 13 LREB counties
  • Have attained secondary education

Pre-Challenge Phase

  • Undergo screening (15 participants per county)
  • Total of 195 participants
  • Introduced to the ITIC-2018
  • 15 participants grouped into 3 ‘solution Hubs (5/hub)
  • Total of 39 solution hubs

Challenge Phase

  • Explore and conceptualize
  • Prototype, test and iterate
  • Accelerator training on Pitching
  • Trainers to evaluate and select best hub/ county
  • Total of 13 hubs proceed to ITIC-2018 Expo

ITIC 2018 Expo

  • Final pitch for solution hubs
  • Business to business meetings (B2B)
  • Business to Customer (B2C) meetings
  • Networking
  • Exhibition & award gala