Enactus Kenya Leadership: The Blossoming of Jooust Enactus Club

Published on 19th March 2024

JOOUST Enactus Club is recognized internationally in matters innovation and has scooped various awards in the recent past

Student Clubs often provide students with a myriad of avenues to develop leadership skills, pursue personal interests, and engage in community service as well as form a network of friends and contacts both on and off campus. Furthermore, through these organizations, students are able to participate in professionally related events, exchange programmes with students in other countries, attend international conferences and meetings and generally develop their social life skills which are beneficial to them after graduation.

JOOUST has over 20 registered Student Clubs reflecting a wide range of interests, including academic, cultural, social, religious and political activities. These clubs, registered at the Office of the Dean of Students allow students to enjoy cocurricular activities that significantly complement their academic life on campus. For instance, our students have been able to participate in community activities, professionally related events, sports, talent shows, Mr and Miss University shows, exchange visits with students in other universities/colleges among others.

One of the leading student clubs is the JOOUST Enactus Club which is recognized internationally in matters innovation and has scooped various awards in the recent past. On 23rd and 24th February 2024 the Club represented JOOUST at the Enactus Kenya student leadership forum held in Kabarak University. All the university students under the umbrella of Enactus Kenya converged for a two-day workshop of brainstorming on various ideas. The workshop was officially opened by the vice chancellor of Kabarak University, Prof. Henry Kiplangat.

The member students of Enactus had enriching and inspiring encounters as they actively participated in workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions, immersing themselves in discussions on leadership, creating awareness on effects of carbon emission on society, entrepreneurship, and social impact. While engaging with leaders from various sectors, they gained valuable insights and practical skills to drive positive change in their communities.

On Saturday, 24th February they had a full learning session on Artificial intelligence and Big Data from Enactus Taita Taveta University faculty advisor Dr. Nashon Adero. The forum provided a platform for collaboration and idea sharing among Enactus chapters across Kenya, fostering a sense of unity and purpose among the member students as they embark on their projects in readiness for the National Expo scheduled for July 2024. ENACTUS Kenya head, Mr. Shikwati James, could not hide his happiness for hosting the largest number of students since the Covid era. He insisted on Enactus partnership with Electric Schneider programme that students should apply and be part of.

As this was happening, representatives of the Business and Economics Students Association (BESA) of JOOUST led by their patron Dr. Nyagol, had an exhilarating and enlightening day at Mount Kenya University during the Tech and Innovation Summit. The event was organized by the Economics Students Association of Kenya (KESA) in partnership with companies like TIE Events, DownToEarth Technologies (DTE) consultancy and Artecs among others. They enthusiastically participated in a wide range of workshops, presentations, and interactive sessions, immersing themselves in the latest advancements in technology and innovation. Engaging with industry experts and fellow students, they exchanged ideas, networked, and explored potential avenues for collaboration ranging from exploring cutting edge technologies to discussing innovative business strategies and how to actualize their business ideas.

The summit provided a platform for the students to expand their knowledge, hone their skills, and gain inspiration to drive positive change in their academic and professional pursuits. Overally, the experience left the members of the association energized, motivated, and eager to apply their newfound insights in their studies and future endeavors. JOOUST was also awarded for being the newest member of KESA with the best AgriTech innovation in Sericulture. Meanwhile, over the same weekend, a team of 60 JOOUST Charity club members accompanied by one staff member, visited River Jordan Ministry Children’s home in Bungoma County, with the aim of giving back to the society. The team, led by the Club’s chairperson, Mr. Innocent Mbeche, SAJOOUST president Mr. Allan Luo Humwa and SAJOOUST Deputy President Ms. Diana Nekesa brought with them food items, clothing, beddings, and personal effects including sanitary pads and tissue papers which they presented to the persons in charge of the facility.

The team also engaged with the kids in various activities, including washing clothes and utensils, cooking, playing, as well as mentorship talks with the children who were keen and eager to learn from them. “Engaging with the children was a humbling and enriching experience. Their eagerness to share their stories, dreams and aspirations was both touching and enlightening” Miss Laurine Apiyo, one of the Charity Club members, later reiterated.

Evidently, most of the clubs are doing amazing work in their respective fields. With the support from University Management, these students’ clubs have immensely enhanced the JOOUST’s visibility. Through them, JOOUST has become a force to reckon with. For the student members, their involvement with the various clubs has enabled them to not only work on group projects, but also plan events and participate in various campus activities. It has equally accorded them the opportunity to develop their leadership, teamwork and communication skills which are necessary in accomplishing common objectives.

The import of student involvement in extracurricular activities cannot be gainsaid. It has the potential of contributing to a variety of valued University outcomes including: selfdetermination, competence and enjoyment through their club involvement. Furthermore, students are able make a difference in the success of their clubs, academic programmes, colleagues and the larger community through club activities. More importantly, they are able to develop important interpersonal and professional skills, as well as enjoyment of their academic program and the creation of meaningful memories. By carefully selecting clubs that align with their interests and goals, students can unlock a world of opportunities, enriching their college journey and preparing them for future success.

By Denver Kulecho

Vice president of Enactus Jooust

First published in the Joooust official magazine: The Oasis Newsletter

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